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Finding My Family History

This past weekend I was helping my mom clean out her one of her storage closets. She had two large bins full of pictures. It was such a great experience to sit with her and look through the albums - each and every photo - as we giggled and thought back to those happy memories. It was amazing to see how much we have all changed and grown over the years, yet still had that same smile, that same gleam in our eyes that makes us individuals.

I came across baby photos of myself and my siblings, photos of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. It was such a joy to look at these photos and reflect back to that feeling of childhood freedom - memories of lazy Sundays, happy Christmases, school days, first crushes. As a mom, it makes me excited for the memories I will help my children create.

We came across photos of my great grandparents. It was so amazing to see these photos, so tender and delicate to my touch. They were fragile from their age, but nonetheless they held so much value for me. Wedding photos of my grandparents' wedding, of my great grandparents on their farm. As I looked at these photos I was filled with wonder. I pondered over what they were like and of my family's history.

I asked my mom if I could scan some of the photos. She didn't think I would be able to salvage some of them, but I explained that I could digitally restore them and print newer, larger versions that I could frame and hang on my walls. I think its important to recognize and honor the generations passed of my family. I think its even more important that my kids learn about our family history. What are your thoughts?

Do you know about your family's history? Do you have access to old photographs that

you'd like to see restored to their glory? No matter how crumpled, cracked, faded, or damaged a photograph is there is always a strong possibility that it can be restored. Check out the restorations below. I have lots more to work on, but I am happy I've gotten started on this journey.

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