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Sara Michelle Design featured on I Dream of Pretty Things

Dream Maker of the Month: Sara Tristan, Sara Michelle Design

Hey y’all! I am so excited to introduce this month’s Dream Maker, Sara Tristan of Sara Michelle Design. Sara and I have worked at the same company since 2009. For a few of those years, we worked directly together and got to know each other quite well. When I think of women that I admire, she always comes to mind. She is a wife, mother of three, works full time, started her own small business, and is also a very active volunteer in the community. Phew!! It’s hard to imagine how she has to time to do it all, but she does do it all, and does a great job. I have known Sara since she started her new company, Sara Michelle Design in 2011, and I have seen her business blossom and grow exponentially. I am so proud of her success and her dedication to helping her clients, partners and the charities that she volunteers for so generously.

Sara has always had a passion for artistic expression. As a teenager, she dabbled in art and dance and kept practicing her talents well into her sophomore year of college. For those of you who remember Angelfire, she was no stranger to building personal web pages with the animated GIFs and twinkling background music. 🙂 For many years, web design was just a hobby. This all changed in 2004 when she landed her first marketing job. Sara was blessed with a wonderful marketing director who really saw her potential and raw talent. She mentored

Sara and taught her a lot about the importance of branding, client focus and strategies. It was during her tenure with this company that she decided to pursue a career in communications and marketing.Over the next two years she gained experience in event planning and international marketing, both in print and web design. Her next job was on a communications and fundraising team and over the next 5 years, she developed her craft with hands-on experience through writing, creating printed materials, building web pages, developing social media pages, and helping plan large events. During this time, Sara met many individuals in and out of the office who expressed interest in her graphic design skills. Sara built her network and found new and exciting opportunities to use her design skills. In 2011, she decided to create her own online design company offering services such as writing, photo editing, graphic and web design, as well as social media strategies. Since then, Sara has built her own website, runs a blog and has many clients that keep her busy and inspired.

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