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Social Media is absolutely crucial in creating a large network and building your online presence for your company or service. It can also be a time-consuming and overwhelming process.  It doesn't have to be! Let Sara Michelle Design handle all your social media needs. 

#1 Facebook

Facebook, the social media platform that made myspace a thing of the past and really propelled the social media we know today. From timelines to cover photos, tags, and shares, Facebook is one of the most used sites for the purpose of growing a company's online presence.  Sara Michelle Design offers packages that includes daily Facebook posts as well as gaining new fans and engaging current fans with fresh content and social media strategies.

#2 Twitter

Twitter is perfect for businesses that want to attract new followers and engage them with multiple daily posts and interactions.  From announcing new products to hosting a twitter party for the purpose of knowledge exchange, Twitter is the perfect platform to grow your online presence through social media.  We can design a strategy that will help your company make the best of a twitter profile. 


#3 Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly growing as one of the best social media sites.  It allows you to engage readers through a variety of useful pin boards that users can follow or re-pin.  It's not just about promoting a particular product or service, its about giving your followers useful, helpful information that they can pin and come back to enjoy time and time again.  Sara Michelle Design can help you every step of the way by creating pin, pin boards, and engaging followers. 

#4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional's best advocate in the online market.  It allows you to promote your  business or service and gain an online reputation through recommendations and referrals.  Sara Michelle Design's LinkedIn packages help you create your online profile, build your network of existing clients, and make daily posts of information and knowledge exchange through professional groups and networks. 

#5 Instagram

Say cheese! Instagram has become a social media sensation with the ability to take photos of news and events as they are happening.  Sara Michelle Design can help you utilize this platform to promote new products, events, clients, and so much more. Using hashtags, you can build a long list of followers that will only strengthen your online presence. 


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