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Showing Your Love.

I am always looking for great gift ideas. To me, there is nothing more sentimental and heart felt than a personalized photo gift that commemorates a special event or loved one. Whether it’s a photo collage, card, or poem it can be a touching gift for that special someone. Today's blog is about a great friend of mine, Denise.

Denise is truly a wonderful person. She's always there with a smile on her face and a kind word to lift your spirits. So when she came to me looking for a unique gift idea to give her mother-in-law, I wanted to produce something truly heartfelt and meaningful. The back story is that Denise has never had the opportunity to meet her mother-in-law as she was absent from her husband's life when they were married nearly 5 years ago.

Since being reunited with her son, and subsequently his family with Denise, they have become very close by phone. A relationship has flourished and Denise and her family have planned a trip this winter to meet her mother-in-law. As I've mentioned before, Denise has a big heart and she wanted to come up with a gift that would bless her mother-in-law and really recognize her new place in their lives. This also happens to be Denise and Aaron's fifth wedding anniversary year. These two love birds were married on an island shore in Hawaii. When thinking about how wonderful this wedding was, we realized Denise's mother-in-law wasn't able to see it. Light bulb!!!

Denise gave me access to her wedding photo album and after looking through all of the gorgeous photos I put together a photo gift that her mother-in-law was sure to love. I took several photos and created a grayscale collage. Then I added a personalized poem that I wrote and Denise edited. I then matted and framed it. Denise loved it! In fact she loved it so much that she had me create several more collages. They vary in sizes and color schemes. Each taking on its own look and feel for its intended recipient. It was truly a pleasure to create these gifts for such a great friend of mine!

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