Book Swap in a Bar?!

Last night I attended the "Book Swap on the Roof" event presented by Imagiread. Originally intended to be an outdoor event, Houston's tempermental weather brought it indoors to become a book swap in a bar, Khon's bar, to be exact. It was a delight. The atmosphere was cool and laid back and they were able to arrange an arts and craft table near lounge chairs that allowed me to post up and network while watching my girls let their creative spirits run wild. What a great event!

My girls thoroughly enjoyed making book crafts with Ashley Lu and they walked away with two great children's books to read over the weekend. I, myself, snagged a copy of Devil Wears Prada which has been on my reading list for way too long. Tiffany Rachann, the woman behind Imagiread, was a delight and her passion for family literacy exuberates in everything she does.

On top of being the founder of Imagiread, she was also the mastermind for entire program and this event allowed her to walk away with over 50 books for the residents of Settlegast Heights Village. Donations and other contributions from the event will be used to facilitate a reading program in the complex that will promote literacy and fun learning. I was thankful to be a part of it in a small way.

Although I couldn't stay till the very end, I did learn about several Summer Reading Campaigns in and around Houston and there was even a give away for two Half Price Books gift cards. I am so happy to have made the connection with Imagiread and fully intend to support any and all efforts to promote family literacy.

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