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Lalaloopsy Birthday

This Monday was my daughter, Trinity's, 9th birthday. What a special day! I can remember like it was yesterday, when we welcomes our 10 lb 4 oz baby girl. Yes, that's right, over 10 lbs! She was a big baby with the biggest cheeks I'd ever seen. Our first baby, all bundled up with a pink bow in her jet black hair. Now my baby girl is an intelligent, sassy third grader with a flare for fashion and an artistic talent beyond her years. I couldn't be prouder.

Of course you can't do a birthday party on a Monday, and on a school night at that. Instead, we will be celebrating Trinity's 9th birthday with a pool party this Saturday and Trinity has chosen Lala Loopsy as her party theme. Okay, moms and dads, I am sure you have heard about the Lala Loopsy craze that started around the holidays last year. Maybe you were just like me trying to snatch up a Lala Loopsy doll as soon as they were on the shelves in fear it would be gone in an instant. I have to say, despite the popularity of the dolls, I have had the hardest time finding Lala Loopsy party items. No hats, no banners, no cake toppers, no invites, NADA!

This is the moment when I flex some creative muscle to make most of my party items. Yes, this is where I can really use those design skills to make sure my baby girl has a party fit for a princess, or in this case an "sew, sew cute" doll. Here's the invitation. I went with a bi-fold card. Here's my design for the front and the inside. The back of the invite had my contact information as well as a list of Lala Loopsy dolls Trinity does not have in her collection, her clothes size, and her shoe size in case anyone needed gift ideas. Next came the party decorations. My sister, a talented artist and designer herself, agreed to create large Lala Loopy doll cut-outs that we will place along the fence. They will be about 3 feet tall.

Then, I created the Happy Birthday Banner. Each letter was printed on 8.5x11 cardstock. Then, I whole punched the top corners of each page and using a colored ribbon strung them all together. I created a nice, cute bow on each corner. Here's a few letters so you get the idea.

For the streamers, balloons, plates, napkins, and utensils I went with bright bold colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange. I tried to stay with in the color scheme of the Lala Loopsy dolls. Good thing there are so many of them!

I created party hats using printed patterns like the polka dots and stripes I used for the invitations and banner. These were easy to print out and twist into pointy hats. The stretchy bands can be purchased at any craft store.

For the cake, I am going with a standard sheet cake with white frosting and bright colored trimmings. I have purchases some Lala Loopsy mini toys as cake toppers. This is a double whammy as I can give Trini the toys after the party. The set I bought came with lots of dolls and a fashionista theme so its perfect for my baby girl.

I've printed Lala Loopsy coloring pages and by going through Trinity and Celeste's doll collection I have a box full of doll clothes and accessories. All extra pieces we've collected over the years or items left over from dolls of the past. All different patterns, shapes, sizes, materials; from purses to dress to hats. We will use these to have a doll fashion show at the party.

Treat bags will likely be in different bright colors, but they will include candy, jewelry, LaLa Loopsy stickers I printed and cut at home, and a thank you note from Trini printed with a LaLa Loopsy theme.

This is only the beginning, but I am excited to see it coming along. I will post an update with photos of the actual party so you can see how it all came together.

Goodness, the things we do for our children. Celeste's birthday in next month so I know I will be here again. What about you? Do you have a party theme that you want but can't find it anywhere? Let me help you. Together, we can produce a personalized invitation, theme, and party materials that is just right for your child. After all, there is no baby like your baby!

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